Data Capture solutions for Visual Effects professionals, specialising in photo-real capture for the Motion Picture, TV and gaming industry.

All kit hires come with complimentary access to our custom FileMaker Pro database.*

Witness Cameras

High resolution video camera packages for video capture: onset match-move data, motion performance capture, plates and elements, ADR facial capture sessions...

All of our cameras are capable of capture in 4K resolution or higher.

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Shoot Database

Our market-leading ergonomic camera-note taking database, built by people who actually use it, with easy ShotGrid integration for post.

Save valuable time in the busy environment of shoot. Great things are made by a series of small things brought together.

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Photographic Shoot Kits

High resolution stills camera packages for photographic capture: Panoramas, HDRIs, textures, photogrammetry...

A wide range of lens options is suitable for capturing environments, characters, costumes, or props.

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Full VFX Shoot Kits

Bespoke all-in-one packages to meet your VFX shoot requirements.

Ready-to-go photographic setups & all-inclusive witness camera kits, chrome-grey balls, colour-calibration charts, Magliner carts and trolleys, tracking markers, tape and consumables...

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*duration of complimentary access may be adjusted proportionately to the price of rental.

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