Should camera makers continue to drive megapixel counts upward at the expense of other features?


We know it isn’t a straight-up this-or-that argument. Camera makers have a complicated set of decisions to make but generally we’d like you to think in these terms for this argument:


If you could have a camera that was an improvement over your current camera in only one of the following ways, which camera would you prefer:


Camera A - Only more megapixels: (50%-100% more), all other features stay the same or degrade normally (noise, fps, etc).
Camera B - Better Image Quality: Same megapixel count and a noticeable (25%-50%) increase in dynamic range, color fidelity (e.g. reds), noise performance, FPS, etc.

I Want Camera A (more MP) Because:

I Want Camera B (better IQ) Because:

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