Make sense of both sides of an argument


It helps people get an overview of a debate really quickly

It's good to have an argument now and again

A debate helps people understand the issues



We don't need a debate about this, okay? Go to bed.

I'm quite happy not knowing about the opposing viewpoint, thanks.

It will cause arguments

See a demo: Alternative Vote or First Past The Post

A Wrangl can be useful in lots of situations:


When a news story breaks and you want to help your readers understand the issues involved, construct a Wrangl and embed it in your news story.


Don't know the answer to a difficult question? Create a Wrangl and ask others to contribute arguments to help you answer it.


Work alone, or collaboratively in constructing a for/against essay on a particular issue. Share links to references and quickly sketch out a good essay structure covering the main arguments.


If you or your team have to make a decision between two courses of action, document your thinking and share it with others via a private Wrangl. Anyone can contribute thoughts and opinions and once everyone has had their say you can work out which course to take.


If you're making a decision and want to leave a permanent record of the arguments you considered, make a Wrangl. It's a permanent archive of the points that were considered in making your decision.

Public policy

Help people understand the issues involved in decisions about local and national government policy. Save time and money communicating complex issues in long documents - create a simple graphical overview of the issue and publish it via the web.


Referendums, votes and other two-way decisions that require input from members of the public can be helped when voters have access to the facts. Construct a Wrangl from both points of view to help the public reach their own decision about which way to vote.

And more...

Wrangl is constantly improving. If you have a feature that it doesn't have, but have a great idea for what you could do with it, get in touch!